Thursday, December 19, 2013

6 MONTHS in review

 I ran my first Half Marathon at the Top of Utah! These ladies are true athletes and I admire each one! If it weren't for them I could have never done it!
 Ella played her first year of soccer and LOVED IT! We have tried dance, tumbling, and baseball and had zero success and she only cried because we made her go! The first day of soccer, Ella actually cried because it was time to leave soccer practice. She actually told her coach "I love running, can we do it more?" She was successfull on the field too! She scored at least 2 goals a game and as many as 6 a game! This girl loves to run!
 Ella and Tate are the best of friends! They are almost 4 years apart and yet such good friends! Tate's first word was "ELLA!"
 We enjoyed Halloween fun with friends at Thanksgiving Point. 

 Tate started getting busy with being mischevious! We often find him climbing on things, getting into things he shouldn't and exploring every possible corner of our home!
 I left the shower running while I went to get a towel and came back to the Taterbug helping himself (fully clothed) to the warm water!
 A little summer fun with yummy watermelon!

 Tate and Ella playing pretend in the playroom. It will never get old seeing Ella in those adorable pink cowgirl boots.
 There was a police officer in our community that died in a terrible shooting and we went out to show our respect as the funeral prossession of almost 15 minutes went by. 
 Tate's favorite thing to do....brush his teeth.
 Or climbing up to the computer and pushing EVERY button!
 Yep....he is trouble! I am not sure how many rolls of toilet paper he has unrolled but he keeps on our toes!
Such an adorable little boy that loves his mama, food (all the time), keeping up with his sister, tubby time, watching planes in the sky and growling at animals. 

Monday, June 10, 2013


 It's amazing how fast one year can fly by. I still remember being pregnant with this little guy and enjoying feeling the kicks and hiccups. Tate has been the little "mama's boy" in our family. His personality is so different from Ella. Tate loves to be held, cuddled and always have a full belly. This little boy loves to tease, climb on anything, put everything in his mouth (even dirt), and hates to go to bed. He has the best pouted lip I have ever seen and he has ALL of us wrapped around his cute little finger. What I love most about this little boy is his determination to grow. There has never been a moment where we did not doubt him coming into the world early. Tate has a very strong spirit with him and I know he is meant to be here and to make a difference in this world. He has stolen my heart and when I didn't think that I could love more than one child I quickly discovered that there is much room in my heart for this little boy and each day I am amazed at what he can teach me. I feel as if I have known Tate for more than just a year and when he looks at me, it is as if he is speaking to me. Those beautiful blue eyes are so eager to watch and learn and when he falls down (which he does alot) he gets back up and tries again. Tate amazes me with his love for his sister and even though there is 3 1/2 years inbetween them, they are such good friends. Tate's first word was Ella.
 Tate turned 1 year on Wednesday May 15th. He is 19 lbs and 31" long. Tate recently graduated from the "baby" carseat to the "big kid" carseat and is SOOOO much happier. Tate loves ANY food but pickles. He has even consumed lemons and limes! This little boy is the happiest when he is in the tubby and he thoroughly enjoys playing with his sister....assuming she doesn't mawl him to DEATH! Your first word was "Ella" and you now say "mama." You started crawling at about 7 months and walking at 13 months. 

 For Tate's 1 year birthday party we did a Dr. Seuss theme to go along with the theme we saw in the NICU one year ago...." afterall..a person's a person no matter how small." We did a theme with the books to go along with dinner and desert. 

 Trufula Trees were a MUST

"Say...I do like green eggs and Ham, I do like them Sam-I-am."
 Popcorn chicken to go along with the theme "Hop on pop."

 Trufula tree cupcakes
 A very discruntled Cat-in-the-hat birthday boy!
 LET THE FUN BEGIN....I love how with each picture there is more and more frosting on his face. This boy did NOT hold back at all!

 Opening up some presents from grandma.

 Since this little boy loves water, we decided to get him a water table he could safely play in the backyard with. He feels like such a big boy when he gets to stand up and move around. We love you Taterbug, you are such a sweet addition to our family. Happy Birthday!!