Thursday, December 19, 2013

6 MONTHS in review

 I ran my first Half Marathon at the Top of Utah! These ladies are true athletes and I admire each one! If it weren't for them I could have never done it!
 Ella played her first year of soccer and LOVED IT! We have tried dance, tumbling, and baseball and had zero success and she only cried because we made her go! The first day of soccer, Ella actually cried because it was time to leave soccer practice. She actually told her coach "I love running, can we do it more?" She was successfull on the field too! She scored at least 2 goals a game and as many as 6 a game! This girl loves to run!
 Ella and Tate are the best of friends! They are almost 4 years apart and yet such good friends! Tate's first word was "ELLA!"
 We enjoyed Halloween fun with friends at Thanksgiving Point. 

 Tate started getting busy with being mischevious! We often find him climbing on things, getting into things he shouldn't and exploring every possible corner of our home!
 I left the shower running while I went to get a towel and came back to the Taterbug helping himself (fully clothed) to the warm water!
 A little summer fun with yummy watermelon!

 Tate and Ella playing pretend in the playroom. It will never get old seeing Ella in those adorable pink cowgirl boots.
 There was a police officer in our community that died in a terrible shooting and we went out to show our respect as the funeral prossession of almost 15 minutes went by. 
 Tate's favorite thing to do....brush his teeth.
 Or climbing up to the computer and pushing EVERY button!
 Yep....he is trouble! I am not sure how many rolls of toilet paper he has unrolled but he keeps on our toes!
Such an adorable little boy that loves his mama, food (all the time), keeping up with his sister, tubby time, watching planes in the sky and growling at animals. 

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